We have 8 Anthologies of THE BEST PLAYS FROM THE STRAWBERRY ONE-ACT FESTIVAL: Volume 1 – 8. These anthologies are compiled by Artistic Director Van Dirk Fisher and feature one-act plays from all over the country that capture the heartbeat of American Theatre.

LOVING YOU – The Novel by Van Dirk Fisher. Is a romance novel about a love triangle between Michael Cavaughan, a record mogul, Mariah Cossi, an advertising executive and Justin Holmes, a model.

LOVING YOU – Everybody wants a soul mate.The hard part is choosing between your heart and soul.

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume Six

This anthology contains 13 exciting plays performed in New York City by playwrights from across the country and captures the heartbeat of great American theatre.


Meatloaf in the Moonlightby David Gallic. Every family has skeletons in their closet. These skeletons are coming out to play.

Characters:Male – 1 teenager, 2 in their 20s, 1 in his 40s, Female – 1 teenager, 1 in her 20s

Clap On, Clap Off by Aiden Levy. A sexually frustrated adolescent tries to lose his virginity to his wholesome girlfriend when his grandmother leaves for a Mensa trip and entrusts him to water her plants.
Characters:Male – 1, Female – 2

Anyone, Anywhere by Amanda Fleming. Love can happen to anyone, anywhere.
Characters:Male – 3, Female – 2

Babe, Inc. by Rosemary Zibart. In the year 2108, men can order robotic women as mates, but due to a snafu in the system, a real woman gets substituted for a robotic “Babe” to accompany a man to his mother’s funeral. The results are a little haywire.
Characters:Male – 2, Female – 4

Pear by Carol Paik. Husband and wife grapple with the incessant problem of what to do about dinner.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

The Parking Lot by Holly Hunt. Two best friends who’ve shared everything finally have a chance to confront each other about their feelings, their friendship and their biggest secrets.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

Blue Streak by Carston Turner. A news reporter in a putrid marriage is interviewing a man who suffocated his wife to death. After his wife’s truths’ and secrets are revealed he has a decision to make.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

Steel Or Pretzels by Mara Gilbert. Two privileged preppies harass a homeless man for their own entertainment, while all three are in search of human connection.
Characters:Male – 2, Female -1

Jump by Josh Sohn, is a short comedic play about miracles and transformation.
Characters:Male – 3, Female – 2

Daily Sounds by Jay Prasad. Three people – an actress, a veteran, and an analyst – give conflicting accounts of their complex and ambiguous relationship.
Characters:Male – 2, Female -1

Free Country by Steve Monarque. Does freedom come with a price?
Characters:Male – 4, Female -1

The Seed by David Pumo. Three high school kids each have a secret. If they can come together, something’s bound to begin.
Characters:Male – 1 Teenager and 1 adult, Female -1 Teenager and 1 adult

This Basement by Bethann Snow. Four friends gather to say goodbye to their friend before he leaves for Iraq.
Characters:Male – 2, Female – 2

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume Six | Price: $28.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival Volume 7

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival – Volume Seven
Compiled by Van Dirk Fisher


Something Like Penguins by Levi Wilson. Can people march like penguins?
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 1

The Losing Game by Kristen Seavey. Cards will land as they may, but hearts will always be the hardest to hold onto.
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 2

Bryan and Kim by Adam Delia. Kim reveals to her boy friend Bryan a secret from her past, it starts a chain reaction that will put their relationship to the test.
Characters: Male – 1, Female – 1

Love for Beginners by Cesar Abella. Most people try to forget their exes when they date new people. Noah likes to bring his exes with him.
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 2. Narrator – Any gender

It’s Greek To Me by Shelley Bromberg. How do we move on from the loss of a loved one? Is there ever really a good time?
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 3

Mi Media Naranja by Rolls Andre. After a night of kinky sex gone horribly wrong, a couple of swingers must re-examine their marriage.
Characters: Male – 1, Female – 2

Bird Watching by Jeffrey L. Hollman. Should a young man invite his mother’s lover to go bird watching with him?
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 1

Turkey Day by E.K. Deutsch. An Arkansas farm family experiences revelation and tragedy on Thanksgiving Day.
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 5

Prescriptions by Ellen Orchid.House sitting for your shrink can be weird.
Characters:Female – 2

Fireman by Stephen Brown. Fireman brings us into the lives of a couple caught in the wake of a fire, leaving one of them and their relationship scorched and disfigured.
Characters: Male – 2

Heroes by Joseph Lizardi. Two different types of Vietnam heroes come face to face about the war.
Characters: Male – 2

Compubots by Paul Trupia. Isn’t technology wonderful?
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 2

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival Volume 7 | Price: $24.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 8

FOOTHOLD by Patrick J. Lennon A goofy Mary Poppins-ish nurse treats a shy man with an ingrown toenail and a broken heart.

Characters: 1 Male & 1 Female

WRITERS RETREAT by Samantha Ciavarella
Things get messy when you’re the subject of your own story. Two friends/lovers/writers realize quickly that they cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Characters: 1 Male & 1 Female

A play about an ailment so embarrassing, you wouldn’t tell your Mom about it.Say Aahhh.

Characters: 2 Male & 1 Female

WHERE’S THE REST OF ME? By David E. Tolchinsky
A screenwriter wrestles with his relationship to Spalding Gray, his psychiatrist father and the classic movie, King’s Row.A dark and funny journey through movies, monologues and mental illness.
Characters: 3 Male & 1 Female to several characters.

KIDS THESE DAYS by Rachel Robyn Wagner
Like the Brady Bunch . . . Only with drugs, alcohol, sex, and most of all honesty.
Characters: 3 Male & 3 Female

Two strangers meet at a mysterious train station in an ambiguous afterlife, and force each other to confront their tragic pasts and shape their uncertain futures.
Characters: 1 Male & 1 Female

HOMECARE by Phoebe Farber
Homecare is a play that explores one woman’s journey from anger and isolation to a deep desire to connect.
Characters: 4 Female

THE EXIT INTERVIEW by Betsy Kagen & MK Walsh
Before moving onto the afterlife, a young woman must participate in an exit interview with an obnoxious celestial being.
Characters: 3 Female

What we see is beauty. What Paula sees is beast.
Characters: 5 Male & 2 Female

ABRAMOVIĆ by Kory French
As middle America continues with its economic struggles, a MOMA – visiting Midwestern twenty-something tries to understand the monetary value of high-art, grounding his friend in the process.
Characters: 5 Male & 2 Female

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 8 | Price: $22.00

LOVING YOU, The Novel by Van Dirk Fisher

LOVING YOU, The Novel by Van Dirk Fisher | Price: $16.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 5

Compiled By Van Dirk Fisher


COLD APRIL By John P. McEneny. Set in Rawanda in 1994, a thirteen-year old girl refuses to hand over her friends to the Hutu rebels.
Characters:Male – 1, Female – 6

REUNION By Brian Podnos. A father and son must face their demons when the son is released from rehab.
Characters:Male – 2

FIGHTING FIRES By Von H. Washington, Sr. On the eve of his 18th birthday, a young man kidnaps his absentee father and demands the attention he believes was owed him during his developmental years.
Characters:Male – 2, Female – 2

JACK By Daren Taylor. In a world where poverty and despair are in abundance, what happens when a boy buys magic seeds from a mysterious figure, climbs an enchanted beanstalk, and believes that he’s seen God? Jack, a dark retelling of an old fairy tale. For every dream,there’s a nightmare.
Characters:Male – 5, Female – 5

MARKED By Cassandra Lewis, a dark comedy that explores the connection between love, insanity and social responsibility.
Characters:Male – in his 30s, Female – in her 50s

ALWAYS ANASTASIA By Michele Leigh. A disillusioned cop on the verge of a nervous breakdown believes he is being tormented By a narcissistic psychopath.
Characters:Male – 1 in his mid 30s, Female -1 In her mid 20s and 1 in her 30s

THIS QUIET HOUSE By ToBy Levin. What happens when a stepmother’s desire to have a son catches fire?
Characters:Male – 1 in his 20s, 1 in his 50s, Female -1 In her 50s

WHAT CHEER, IOWA By Jeff Belanger. Tempers flare and sanity is on the line as five people struggle against the gargantuan pressure of waiting to find out if their cars passed their annual inspection.
Characters:Male – 4, Female – 2

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 5 | Price: $17.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 4

Compiled By Van Dirk Fisher


TIMING By Rudolph Cecera. A man goes to see a psychiatrist to get advice on how to handle a relationship.

BITTER APPLES By Arthur W. French III. Temptation is in the air as singles mingle while having lunch in the park.

CAWFFEE TAWK By Jenifer Badamo. A woman is blackmailed and must make a decision that will change her life forever!

THE ROBOT PLAY By Jason Cutler. Are the sex lives of Robots any different than the sex lives between human beings?

GRADUATION By Eugene Grygo. A young man has a last chance to start a new life with his college roommate, another man, who is denying the mutual love that will profoundly change their lives.

PROPER EDUCATION By Angela Liao. The class nerd starts tutoring the class jock, but realizes pretty quickly that it’s the jock who’s giving him the lesson.

THE LAST MINSTREL SHOW By Isaac Shapiro. A satirical send up of the music industry in which an up and coming rapper gets the offer of a lifetime. But will the ghosts of his past conflict with the potential prosperity of his future?

VERITY By Jason Thomas. Two guys set out to make a film that will rock the world!
THE SITTERS By E. Warren Perry, Jr. Three famous people sit to have their portrait painted: George Washington, Whistler’ mother and Andy Warhol and his soup can.
COMING CLEAN By Steven Shapiro. A young business executive finds his life in shambles after his wife files for divorce.
Crazy Girl explores her current predicament of being emotionally unbalanced and single.

DAD AND ME By Heather Aldridge. A woman reflects on her relationship with her dad.
AIRPORT By Christopher Loar. One man’s ordinary journey spirals into a web of entrapment and illusion.
DROWNINGBy Guy R. Milone. An unhappy housewife seeks therapy to save her life.

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 4 | Price: $20.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 3

Compiled By Van Dirk Fisher


It’s About ForgivenessBy Albi Gorn. A delightful comedy about a man who seeks out his wife in heaven to ask for forgiveness.
Characters: Male – 1, Female – 1

When The Cherry Blossoms Bloom By Steven A. Shapiro. Two joggers who meet in a park breathe life into each others lives.
characters: Male – 1, Female – 1

Do Us PartBy Alan Lutwin. Sometimes forgetfulness can be the best tonic for soothing the stress of a long term relationship.
Characters: Male -1, Female – 1

Love – This Game Is Real By Tremane Hickman. A poetic story about a girl and a guy anxiously waiting to play the game of love without getting played.
Characters: Male – 1, Female – 2

Stop contemplates regret and guilt while life interjects in this surreal world of love, loss and lust.
Characters: Male – 3, Female – 2

About The Rabbits By Frank O’Donnell. How will an unpredictable blue collar husband react when his upwardly mobile wife announces the disruption of their marriage in the presence of the man who now claims her?
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 1

Summer’s Time By Michael Alvarez. Summertime and the living is easy . . . a down on his luck actor discovers the truth about his fiancée and his best friend.
Characters: Male – 3, Female – 3

Virgin Rock By Kevin Christopher Snipes. Two men are forced to deal with unresolved issues of love, friendship and disillusionment after they are reunited after 7 years in rural Virgin Rock, Florida.
Characters: Male – 2

Loyal Companion By Joseph Wohlgemuth. Is it really better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all? Well, one man finds out as time goes by.
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 1

The Upside Down Mirror By Emanuel Fleischmann. The chance meeting of two men at a bus stop turns their lives upside down. Sometimes what we want is staring us right in the face, but we can’t see it.
Characters: Male – 3,Female – 1

Protect The Crotch By Tim J. MacMillan. A comedy about roommates who are dealing with life, love, honor and secrets of hidden desires.
Characters: Male – 3

Madrid By Paul M. Buzinski. A social/political farce in which the rich get richer, and not only do the poor get poorer, they gotta deal with the neighbors!
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 1

Requiem For A Life By Tony Macy-Perez. A very modern anglicized son, who has been estranged from his traditional old world father, has to spend one night with him when he returns home for his mother’s funeral.
Characters: Male – 2

Fun On The Bayou By Vivian Neuwirth. If you could turn back time where would you go and what would you do? A woman finds the strength to go on with her life after the death of her father.
Characters: Male – 3, Female – 3

Grave Concerns By Susan E. Sneeringer. A professional photographer buries herself in her work to avoid a painful situation and the demands of an intimate relationship.
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 3

This Is Your Life By Elan Zafir. A tragicomedy about a son coping with the death of his mother.

Characters: Male – 6

Cut Short By Jonathan Zungre. A teenage girl finds an easy way to deal with the detractors in her life; her unsupportive parents, her unfaithful boyfriend and her disloyal best friend. But in the end who’s she really hurting?
Characters: Male – 3, Female – 3

The ABC Slump By Ernest Curcio. On a normal morning in the middle of a white American suburb lives Cindy, Bradley and their son Brady. Most families go on vacation when stress builds. This one plays Russian Roulette.
Characters: Male – 2, Female – 1

Unaccompanied Minors By Marcia R. Rudin. Two former roommates meet at their college reunion and try to reconcile their differences.
Characters: Female – 2 mothers, 1 is African-American, 1 Caucasian, 2 18 year old students, 1 is African-American, 1 is Caucasian

True Blue By Benjamin T. George. Two families, one American and one Iraqi, must deal with the horrors of war.
Characters: Male – 6, Female – 3

Three Women By Michael D. Jackson. Three world famous female writers, Dorothy Parker, Lorraine Hansberry and Maxine Hong Kingston meet in limbo for a tea party.
Characters: Female – 3

Hell For Dummies By Mark Sherstinsky. Virgil and Dante come to terms with living in Hell and the meaning of life while trying to figure out Hell’s exit.
Characters: Male – 2

The Gasshole By Joel Hanson. Two guys run out of gas on a road across the Nevada desert and fear for their lives as the sun goes down.
Characters: Male – 2

In Sheep’s Clothing By Jerrod Bogard. On a cold winter night three men sit around a campfire listening to a frightful tale of wild beasts.
Characters: Male – 3

Happy Sauce By Benjamin Lewis. On the day of a big marketing pitch to investors for Happy Sauce, the inventor discovers his roommate died after sampling the new sauce. Let’s just say the sauce doesn’t live up to its name.
Characters: Male – 4, Female – 1

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 3 | Price: $31.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 2

Compiled by Van Dirk Fisher


Make Her Happen By L.E. McCullough. A waitress at a roadside diner jumps at the opportunity to get discovered and make her dreams come true.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

The Squeegee Man By Nick Vigorito, Jr. A reporter finds inspiration for stories through the squeegee man on the street corner outside her office.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

Monkey Rhythms By John Baldi. Three generations of a family deal with their love for each other. When confronted with pain, love deteriorates into bitterness and denial.
Characters: Male – 3 (8 years old, mid-30s-40s & 70s)

The Boy Who Was Born With A Tail By Matt Casarino. A young girl tries to write a fairy tale with a happy ending.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -3

Hidden in the Past By Michael A. Casano. A young girl interviews her grandmother to find out more about her family’s history. It’s an interview she may wish she never conducted.
Characters:Male – 70s, Female -1 in her 20s and 1 in her70s

Pension Check By Jonathon Ward. In an ex-steel town, an out of work steelworker tries to support his family in the wake of his father’s illness.
Characters:Male – 2, Female -2

The Kissing Booth By David Risk. A woman uses her job at a County Fair Kissing Booth as a diversion from an inescapable dilemma.
Characters:Male – 2, Female -1

The Last Night Of The World By Cody Daigle. On New Year’s Eve 1999, the night that most people thought would be the last night of the world, two people find each other and maybe the beginning of something new.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

On Top By John Patrick Bray. Two lovers redefine the rules of a relationship
when one is accused of cheating.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

Kate’s Ballad By Roy O’Connor. “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” As in relationships, it’s sometimes hard to get to the truth of a situation.
Characters:Male – 2, Female -2

Big Crunch By Helen Hill. A pas de deux between two prospective lovers who meet in a train station.
Characters:Male – 5, Female -3

Difficult Subjects By Deborah S. Greenhut. A haunting story about a 12 year old girl who’s been sexually assaulted and the effect it has on the people in her life.
Characters:Male – Boy – 1, Man – 1, Female – Girl – 1, and 2 Women to play mothers.

Et Tu, Kelly By Debra C. Victoroff. Lonely days and sleepless nights. Secrets and passions fill the air. Some girls spying on their local lover’s lane witness an act that will change their lives forever.
Characters: Female – 4 high girls, can be played by adults

Anything But Black By Fred Rohan Vargas. A trip to the exchange counter in a department store reveals flaws in two best friend’s perception of one another.
Characters:Male – 2 in their 30s, one Black and one Caucasian

A Punch In The Face By Jeffrey L. Gurian. A man protects the honor of the woman he loves in a neighborhood bar.
Characters:Male – 4, Female -2

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 2 | Price: $22.00

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 1



Goodnight Lovin’ TrailBy John Patrick Bray. At a truck stop diner in West Texas, two wounded strangers find redemption in each other’s eyes while discussing a stolen guitar. And the beat plays on.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

Negotiating The Elusive Perfect One Night StandBy Jason Green. In a world of settling for Mister Right Now while looking for Mister Right, a young couple finds that they may have gotten more than they bargained for.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

DestinationsBy Rob Sullivan. What if you’re married and the opportunity arises for you to have a causal affair, is it worth the consequences? Some people want to go there, but can they find their way back?
Characters:Male – 2, Female -2

Who Knew?By Michael A. Casano. A young man prepares to meet his mother for the first time but doesn’t realize how deeply the meeting will affect his fiancé.
Characters:Male – 2 in their 30s, 1 in his 60s; Female -1 late 20s and 1 in her 50s

The Harlequin ManeuverBy Don Nguyen. A delightful comedy in which a man enters the romance novel he’s been reading to gain some closure in his love life.
Characters:Male – 2, Female – 2

The DecisionBy Arno Austin. A man makes a decision after he receives the surprise of his life, which he reveals to his wife that brings a different outlook to their relationship.
Characters:Male – 1, Female -1

The Spirit Of RobertaBy Richard Edwin Knipe, Jr. They say in life you only pass this way but once and when you’re gone you hope that you have touched someone in a positive way. Rose remembers her sister fondly.
Characters:Male – 1 in his 50s, Female -1 in her 40s, 2 in their 70s

TricksBy Bryant Hernandez. A married man eating his lunch in the park decides he wants a taste of some forbidden fruit.
Characters:Male – 2

Measure My MeasureBy Ted Williams. A modern day Shakespearean vignette. A young pretty man by the name of Peter is visited by an older bearish man by the name of Johnson, to tell him that King George of Bush is detaining his liberal brother. Johnson tries to convince Peter to relinquish his Bush ordained celibacy to spare his brother’s life, but to do so could lead to their demise. What’s a young man to do?
Characters:Male – 2, Any Gender -1

You’re Never GoneBy Jay D. Hanagan. A mother and daughter share a bond years after losing a loved one.
Characters:Male – 1 in his late 60s/70s, Female -1 In her 40s and 1 in her late 60s/70s

Between You And MeBy Paul Cohen. A story of love and sanity on the side of a desert highway.
Characters:Male – 4, Female – 2

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 1 | Price: $20.00

LOVING YOU – The Novel & Sound Track


    The soundtrack for LOVING YOU, the novel by Van Dirk Fisher, contains 15 songs by various artists.

  1. GET LOOSE – Christina
  3. KNOCK, KNOCK – J. Smash
  4. TRIALS – SnuggS
  5. LONELY – Darnerien
  6. WHO’S GOT GAME? – Stephanie, Ryan & Lanigiro
  8. ON THE ROAD – Cielo Deville
  9. LET ME LIVE – Antoine
  10. I THOUGHT YOU CARE FOR ME – Hassan Farrow
  11. DAY AND NIGHT – Lina Day
  12. DO THE DAMN THING – Richard D. Applewhite
  13. YOU GOT OPTIONS – Decypher
  14. LOVIN’ U – J. Notes

LOVING YOU – The Novel & Sound Track | Price: $30.00