Musical Performance Audition Technique class with emphasis on contemporary and standard Broadway, and pop/rock. Focus is on lyric interpretation as well as on freeing your instrument emotionally and physically to achieve storytelling that is authentic, engaging, expressive, and that insures resonant, natural, free sound and instinctive impulse-driven physical life. Kimberly also coaches privately for audition sides, songs, monologues as well as career momentum strategy goal setting and implementation. KVPS provides the opportunity for you to ask questions, get answers, work in depth on your audition cuts and built self-trust to bring you’re A-game-storytelling into the audition room.
“Working with Kimberly is the real thing.  I have learned so much from her—about my process, about auditioning and about myself as an artist.”  Jennifer Blood, Miss Honey, Matilda, Broadway & National tour.
Saturday, July 22nd 10am-12pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s
423 West 46th St, NYC

$40 Audit: $25 Class Limit: 7   
Ready, Set, Audition! The Actor's Workshop for Confidence and Success
Identify and shift negative thought patterns that are holding you back in life.

Live Fully Self Expressed.

Overcome Your Fear & Insecurities As An Actor
Live a Life of Freedom and True Power and
Get the Job of Your Dreams!
An audition "is a trial; a hearing given to a singer, actor or other perforer to test suitability for employment, professional training or competition" as per
Congrats! You’ve landed the audition that you’ve been dreaming about! You are about to be put to the “test,” you are about to show ‘em what you got. Now what?  How do you handle the pressure? Where do your thoughts go?  Do you immediately jump into fear, judgement, worry and anxiety? Or do you keep your cool?
What thoughts do you have about yourself before, during and after the audition or interview? How do you relate to yourself? Is your head filled with self-deprecating or negative whispers? Do you find these whispers get in the way of stepping into your full potential during the audition?
In this workshop you will find out what is holding you back from landing the job of your dreams. You will identify your negative thought patterns and learn to re-create your role in life, specifically your role as the “auditioning performer.”
Believe it or not, your thoughts and understanding of your experiences (past, present & future) fully determine the path you will take in life. Oftentimes we aren’t able to see how our thoughts and judgments are holding us back. This Workshop will help you uncover just that.
Together, we will go beyond what you can figure out on your own. You will discover ‘who you are being’ during an audition and who you want to be. You will reinvent and re-create your role as “auditioning performer”. You will redefine your concept of self and shift your thoughts and actions surrounding auditioning and interviewing. 
Learn to audition free from fear, rejection and disappointment. Land the job of your dreams, create the career of a lifetime and learn to enjoy the journey of creation.
Noreen Sumpter (Life Coach) is an experienced life coach with a Personal Life Coaching Certificate from New York University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the College of New Rochelle. She currently resides in Brooklyn and helps people from all over the world to own their voice, speak their truth and live life their way.
Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 10:30am - 12:30 pm
Theatre at St. Clement's (Parish Hall)
423 West 46th St, NYC
Fee: $40.00 In Advance Online.  
Day of Workshop:
$47.00 Cash Only
To Register Click Here.
Spoken Word Workshop & Performance with Cassidy Fiona “FieFie” LaColla
The first hour of the workshop will focus on writing and editing poetry, and the second hour of the workshop will focus on performing poetry. According to Fiefie, it takes more than just an ability to write to be a slam poet. It takes certain dramatic skills specific to spoken word as well. For example, one of the biggest flaws in inexperienced performers, Fiefie notes, is that they don’t know how to express the emotions of the piece in their tones of voices and body language. 
Following the workshop, there will be a 90 minute spoken word performance on Thursday, July 27th at 9pm. This performance will be headlined by Fiefie, but workshop participants will have an opportunity to perform their poems as well using the skills they learned in the workshop. Sign up now before space runs out, because there is a cap at 20 participants! The price of the workshop will be $50 and includes a ticket to the performance.

Saturday, July 22nd from 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Performance: Thursday, July 27th at 9pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s, 423 West 46th St. (Parish Hall)
Price: $50 Audit: $25 Class Limit: 20
After discovering her new great love for poetry in that little bar poetry slam, Fiefie immediately embarked on a long and rewarding journey in which she was, at one point, the youngest nationally competing spoken word poet. Additionally, she was the youngest person to be featured at the Midtown International Fall Variety Festival in an hour long sold out spoken word show called “A Night With Fiefie.” At 18 years old, she currently helps run and is a major performer at the poetry organization Suffern Poetry. She also made it to 2017 National Poetry Slam finals and will compete this upcoming August in Denver, Colorado.
Introduction to Improv Scenes & Technique with Maddie O’Hara

Introduction workshop: Students will learn improv fundamentals such as agreement and "finding the game" through short form, scene work, and character exploration. Learn improv basics and laugh a lot!

Maddie O'Hara is a New York based improvisation coach and teacher. She has taught all levels of improv at places such as Gotham City Improv, Broadway Dance Center, and freelance coaches groups all over the city and well as up and down the east coast. Maddie received her training at the Second City in Chicago and at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Catch her in performance with her two-prov group, Max and Maddie! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017 from
Theatre at St. Clement’s (Parish Hall)
423 West 46th St, NYC
Class: $45 Online, Day of Class: $50 (Cash Only)  Class Limit: 20
To Register Click Here.
Visualize Success! The Actors Workshop for Creating Your Dreams
Through Vision Boards!
Understand the right mindset for manifesting what you desire
Focus in on what you want to accomplish and attract into your life
Learn the power of your thoughts
Shift your mindset for success!
Build the vison board of your dreams!
Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s (Parish Hall)
423 West 46th St, NYC

Class: $35 In Advance Online, Day of Class: $40 Cash Only
To Register Click Here.
Dani Felt is a music entrepreneur, social media marketing consultant, musical producer, artist manager and singer songwriter. She has a marketing communications degree from the New England School of Communications. She lives in Queens and has passion for connecting the right people together, helping artists shift their mindset and live their life to their true potential. 
Living the New International Dream - How to Be Successful No Matter What
Natalie Elisha, Esq. is the definitive authority on success principles that  bridge multiple generations.  Natalie is an attorney, author and speaker.   Her book, The Millennial's Guide to the Universe, teaches the "New  Curriculum".  This curriculum is the roadmap to success, no matter what  your ultimate goal is.  Natalie will guide you through how to pitch yourself to  get people begging to work with you!!! 
Saturday, July 22nd 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s (Parish Hall)
423 West 46th St, NYC
Class:  Online - $75/one, $100/2 
Day of Event: $80/one, $105/2 (Cash Only at Box Office)

Having a Career in Television & Media

First Hour: Learn how to prepare for this business. How the business works, promoting oneself and putting a reel together.

Second Hour:
Perform and get feedback. This workshop is for singers, spoken word artists, rappers and actors.
Robin C. Adams, Founder & Media Executive of RKV Enterprises LLC specializes in broadcasting and digital media production - our digital media production team consisting of highly creative and innovative individuals who develop projects while utilizing the most technologically advanced vehicles for delivering sound and images with the highest quality possible. Clients include: NBCUniversal, MSNBC, NHK/TV Japan, Fuji-TV Japan, Yue Sai Kan Entertainment - China, Sony Music Entertainment Japan/USA, ARD German Television and KBS-TV Korea.
Monday, July 24, 2017 at 2pm – 4pm  
$45 Online   Day of Class: $50 (Cash Only)  Audit: $25
To Register Click Here.
Advance Improv Scene Study & Performance Showcase with Maddie O’Hara
Advanced workshop: Take an in depth exploration of improvisational scene work focusing on storytelling, relationship, and theme recognition. Students will receive detailed notes as well as get the opportunity to do some strong character work. Great for actors.  

Monday, July 24, 2017 at 4pm-6pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s (Theatre)
423 West 46th St, NYC
Class: $50 Online, $55 Day of Class
Class Limit: 16

With Performance Showcase: Saturday, July 29th at 10pm

Maddie O'Hara is a New York based improvisation coach and teacher. She has taught all levels of improv at places such as Gotham City Improv, Broadway Dance Center, and freelance coaches groups all over the city and well as up and down the east coast. Maddie received her training at the Second City in Chicago and at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Catch her in performance with her two-prov group, Max and Maddie! 
Introduction to Screen Acting for Musical Theatre Performers Workshop with Rebecca Larkin

This workshop will address the key differences between working on stage and on screen. 

Opposite worst case scenarios:

1) Live between the lines, not on the line, the opposite of Shakespeare;
2) Opposite from singing in that you must release at the emotional climax versus control during it.
3) Credibility/ "believability" is the most important thing to establish. 

Learn the terminology used in Film. Actors will be given lines to prepare to do in class On-Camera and receive feedback.

Rebecca Larkin: Broadway: South Pacific, National Tour: Avenue Q, Twice Charmed; directed by Bartlett Sher, Jason Moore, Eric Schaeffer, Joe Calarco, etc.
Tuesday, July 25 2017 at 10am – 12pm 

 $45 Day of Class: $50 Audit: $25 Class Limit: 25
With AUDITION ESSENTIALS, you’ll walk into your auditions with the tools to own the room, command the space and claim your success every time.
This workshop is designed to ensure you succeed in your auditions by laying down the foundation both technically and interpretively for getting the callback and booking the job. That may not be the case when you are busy judging yourselves and the casting director’s reactions during your auditions. With your AE tools to guide you, your audition process will ‘invite’ the table to join you on your journey. As your presence in the room increases so will your booking rate. Join Kimberly Vaughn, Broadway performance coach, regional director and triple Tony-Award nominated producer for the workshop that will transform the way you audition, the way you are perceived in the audition room and ultimately your career success. Accelerate your momentum. Capture the essence of successful auditioning in AUDITION ESSENTIALS.               
"Audition Essentials completely changed my outlook and confidence in the audition room. It really aided in fine tuning the basic audition procedures.” Jared Young,Favorite Son, American Idiot Tour.
Kimberly Vaughn is a New York City-based performance coach with extensive experience in acting, directing, producing, dramaturgy, writing and teaching. She founded the Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio in 1993, where she offers a variety of classes and workshops. She has also taught at the Warren Robertson Studio, Circle in the Square Theatre School, Pace University and at various musical theatre departments throughout the U.S. Many actors who work with Kimberly have gone on to book roles on Broadway and in national tours and regional theatre productions.  
Tuesday, July 25th 12pm-4pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s (Parish Hall)
423 West 46th St, NYC
Between 9th & 10th Avenue
Class: $75  Audit: $35  Class Limit: 7
Playmaking- The Art of Collaborative Storytelling with Eric Grayson
In this workshop, students take a hands on approach to creating a play.  Students will explore the art of collaborative storytelling through familiar games and cooperate to create a story.  They will examine story structure, particular through Joseph Campbell's theories of mono-myth.  Other structures, styles, and genres will be explored and identified as students learn to think of stories in terms of format.  Script format will be explored, in terms of industry standards and expectations as well as how to evoke emotion, capture a moment, captivate an audience.  Students will learn to write effective scenes, and think about what those scenes will look like on stage.  The workshop will explore how staging effects script writing and what we communicate.
Eric Grayson is a Native New Yorker.  He began studying Acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute when he was 7, he studied there for 10 years and left to pursue a BFA in Acting at CW Post.  His film debut, as the titular character in the 1999 short film "Billy Twist" screened at Sundance Film Festival.  He has appeared in countless films and stage plays since.  Most recently, he played Apollo in the Alpha NYC's 2015 production of The Hysterical History of the Trojan War, Eric also had a 4 year run with the New York City Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, as Eddie.  In recent years Eric has shifted focus to writing and teaching.  He has written In Kensington Gardens, nominated for production in 2015 with the Abstract Sentiment Theatre, Alice in Birdland, currently in pre-production with Frank Sanchez Musicals, Warp Speed Dating, a short, produced by the Alpha NYC in 2015, and Courted which was produced by the Alpha NYC in 2016.  He is currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Theatre.  Last year, he taught Playwriting, Improv, and Mask at French Woods Festival Summer Camp for the Arts.  This year he is also directing a show in the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Treffpunkt, by former FWF student Natalie Lifson. 
Tuesday, July 25th at 12pm – 2pm 
At the Theatre at St. Clement’s
423 West 46th Street, NYC

 $55 Online Day of Class: $60 (Cash Only)

Class limit: 20
To Register Click Here.
Mask Acting with Eric Grayson
In this workshop, students explore the art of acting through mask.  Students will work with neutral masks and character masks and explore how hiding their face opens up the rest of their body.  Students will use mask as a launching point for working on character body.  Students will create characters and explore how this method of physical exploration opens them to new realizations.  Students will immerse themselves in a character's identity and ask the question "How does concealing our face open us up to a character's truth?"
Tuesday, July 25th 4pm – 6pm
At the Theatre at St. Clement’s
423 West 46th Street, NYC

 $55 Day of Class: $60 (Cash Only)
Class Limit: 15
To Register Click Here.
Biodynamic Movement Workshop: "Movement of Wholeness"
Ali Fischer’s Biodynamic Movement: Movement of Wholeness, a vigorous and restful movement session that invites a sense of completeness with oneself and unity with one's surroundings.  This class uses craniosacral meditation techniques, somatic yoga, and guided movement exercises to explore how we can develop our perception of our body's fluid nature with a strong focus on the connective tissue/fascial system.
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 4pm-6pm
Theatre at St. Clement’s, (Parish Hall)
423 West 46th St, NYC

Class: $30 Online, Day of Workshop: $35
Class Limit: 25
Ali Fischer graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2015 with a MA in Dance and
Somatic Well-Being from the University of Central Lancashire (Britain). As a
licensed manual/movement educator, she coalesces her skills in massage
therapy, craniosacral therapy, yoga instructing, modern dance, and osteopathic
myofascial training to create an integrated somatic practice for her
clients/students. Ali has maintained a private practice as a bodyworker since
1998 and has danced professionally, creating her own work and dancing for
various choreographers in the USA, since 1996. For more info, please visit

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