The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 4

The Best Plays From The Strawberry One-Act Festival: Volume 4

Compiled By Van Dirk Fisher

TIMING By Rudolph Cecera. A man goes to see a psychiatrist to get advice on how to handle a relationship.
BITTER APPLES By Arthur W. French III. Temptation is in the air as singles mingle while having lunch in the park.
CAWFFEE TAWK By Jenifer Badamo. A woman is blackmailed and must make a decision that will change her life forever!
THE ROBOT PLAY By Jason Cutler. Are the sex lives of Robots any different than the sex lives between human beings?
GRADUATION By Eugene Grygo. A young man has a last chance to start a new life with his college roommate, another man, who is denying the mutual love that will profoundly change their lives.
PROPER EDUCATION By Angela Liao. The class nerd starts tutoring the class jock, but realizes pretty quickly that it’s the jock who’s giving him the lesson.
THE LAST MINSTREL SHOW By Isaac Shapiro. A satirical send up of the music industry in which an up and coming rapper gets the offer of a lifetime. But will the ghosts of his past conflict with the potential prosperity of his future?
VERITY By Jason Thomas. Two guys set out to make a film that will rock the world!
THE SITTERS By E. Warren Perry, Jr. Three famous people sit to have their portrait painted: George Washington, Whistler’ mother and Andy Warhol and his soup can.
COMING CLEAN By Steven Shapiro. A young business executive finds his life in shambles after his wife files for divorce.
Crazy Girl explores her current predicament of being emotionally unbalanced and single.
DAD AND ME By Heather Aldridge. A woman reflects on her relationship with her dad.
AIRPORT By Christopher Loar. One man’s ordinary journey spirals into a web of entrapment and illusion.
DROWNING  By Guy R. Milone. An unhappy housewife seeks therapy to save her life.

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